Design 101

Beyond pretty

Yes, we make good looking "stuff." But, our "stuff" also works. It works because our design is always guided by your goals. Right now, you might "need" a business report, banner, or logo. But, behind every immediate need is the greater goal your company is trying to achieve.

What's your goal?

Are you an existing company trying to launch a new product, or increase event participation, or brand recognition? Or, are you a Start-Up company with a five-year business plan and need a corresponding five-year branding plan?

Identifying this goal in detail, will be our first task together. So let's start with your immediate need, then go deeper.

  • What is it? Brochure, Business Report, or Banner?
  • Why do you need it? Up-Coming Event or Business Meeting? A Re-Branding? Product Launch?
  • When do you need it? Next Week, Next month, Next Year, Yesterday? If yesterday, stop reading, call us now!
  • What is your budget? Non-Existent, Reasonable, Skies the Limit.

Your answers to these initial questions, as well as more thought provoking ones through extended consultation, will provide the direction for our work together.

We are not artists

Solving business problems through visual communications is both an art and a science, and what we do best. If you are looking for a company to just make you a "pretty" flyer we are not the company for you. But if you are willing to go deeper, work hard, and articulate your business goals and expected outcomes, then contact us.

Erik Spiekermann sums it up best, "Contrary to popular belief, designers are not artists. We employ artistic methods to visualize thinking and process but, unlike artists, we work to solve a client's problem, not present our own view of the world . . . If a design project is to be considered successful--and success is the true measure of quality--it must not only add an aesthetic dimension, but solve the problem at hand."